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Leica Utilifinder+


As we all know utilities run both overhead and underneath the ground.  Before excavating it is advisable to search for buried utilities.  The Leica Utilifinder+ is an intuitive detection system designed to easily locate buried utilises.  Providing the perfect entry level instrument integrating ease of functionality with the latest digital detection technology, allowing the Utilifinder+ to provide the user with three utility search methods.


  • Detect live cables with auto mode

Use auto mode to search for loaded power cables and other utilities with a detectable signal.  A signal is produced by a current passing through the utility and is detectable by the Leica Utilifinder+ in auto mode.  The auto mode also features a proximity alarm to warn of shallow buried utilities.

  • Induce a signal with Utiligen

Some cables may not carry a detectable current but pose a serious threat when damaged.  To detect these dormant cables, plug the Utiligen into a household socket to apply a detectable signal.  Use the Utilifinder+ to detect this signal and obtain a depth reading with a simple press of a button.  Where possible the signal will also connect onto other utilities such as telecom cables and water pipes so the Utilifinder+ will detect these.

  • Search for drains with Utildrain

On occasions, you may want to trace the route of drains or waste water pipes or find a blocked pipe. Insert Utildrain into the drain and pass along using drain rods or reels. The Utildrain will emit a traceable signal which can be detected by the Leica Utilifinder+.  You will be able to obtain a depth reading with a simple press of a button.  



  • Single Trigger

Positioned directly under the handle for simplicity of use, press and hold the trigger to activate Utilifinder+, release to switch off.  The use of a trigger extends battery life and removes the ON/OFF button which can leave the instrument turned on, draining the battery power.

  • Large clear mono display

The large clear display provides easy reading of the Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) and information to the utilities position. Numeric and graphical signal strength indicators provide a confident locate.

  • Audible confirmation sound

An audible sound confirms the presence of the detected utility.

  • Obtain a depth reading

Knowing the depth of the utility provides additional information and can contribute to safer working practices.  Depth estimation is obtainable when using the UTILIGEN or UTILIDRAIN accessories and can be provided down to a depth of 3 metres.

  • Ruggedness

The Utilifinder+ has been designed to be IP54 protecting against wet and damp conditions.

  • No Calibration required

The Utilifinder+ will not require calibration removing continued calibration costs.


Short film to show ease of use

OHPS-Leica Utilifinder+ brochure


OHPS-Leica Utilifinder+ manual

OHPS-Leica Utilifinder+ manual
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