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A blind spot is defined as an area around the truck that is not visible to the driver, but which could be occupied by other road users or obstacles. Our vision system brings all the blind spots of a truck into view. The driver can view the in cab monitor to see what is happening in front of, behind and to the side of his truck. The vision system is also useful for security when stationary at borders controls avoiding any unwanted passengers and subsequent fines. With built in Quality which comes as standard, excellent performance and longevity is assured.



Our roads are becoming more and more congested leading to increased safety risks for all road users. However drivers are still expected to meet their delivery targets and arrive at their destination safely, on time and without damage, yet rushing to meet these deadlines could result in costly damage or worst still injury. Our vision system can enable a driver to carry out his job more safely, as the risk of overlooking someone or something is greatly reduced by placing 360 vision right inside the cab. The mandatory European field of vision class 6 is shown in yellow but our vision system views more than just the class 6 field of vision as can be seen in blue.


Our vision system can provide good visibility around the truck and improve the efficiency of any activities. For example, the driver will no longer have to get out of the truck to determine the distance when making tight turns or trying to correctly position within loading bays.


Reduced damage
As a result of blind spots, damage can easily occur to the truck, people or objects. Our vision system can give the driver the extra pair of eyes he needs to prevent damage.

Good posture is important. An independent research organisation was asked by the manufacture of our vision systems to produce a report on the optimum position of the monitor in the cab. These results have been included in the installation manual for each vision system and ensures that the driver can work ergonomically without undertaking additional actions. With built in Quality which comes as standard, excellent performance and longevity is assured.


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