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Picking up and stacking loads with a forklift requires precision. Our vision system provides an optimum view of the working area, every pillar and horizontal beam can clearly be seen on the monitor from the seat of the forklift. The vision system enables the operator to spot fixed members and irregularities in time and provides a safer and more efficient working environment. With built in Quality which comes as standard, excellent performance and longevity is assured.


The environment in which forklift trucks operate can be very hectic environment with operators working against the clock. Forklifts are being manufacture with higher and higher reach capability as floor space is becoming more and more of a premium, making it more difficult for the driver to see the position and elevation of the forks. Our vision system shows a crystal-clear image of the forks and the surrounding area, with a view to increased safety.

Manoeuvring between the racking and moving pallets requires constant attention from the operator. Insufficient visibility limits the operators speed and efficiency. Our vision system enables the operator to see the position and elevation of the forks, the load and the area surrounding the forklift truck so that he or she can work more efficiently.

Reduced damage
In most instances the operator has to contend with different rack heights, valuable goods, personnel and ever changing surroundings. Damage can easily occur, either to the forklift truck itself or to people, goods, racking or the surrounding buildings. Our vision system shows everything that the operator needs to see. A better view increases certainty and reduces risks.

Continuously looking upwards and backwards places a strain on the operator’s neck and back. Our vision solution improves this situation considerably in terms of ergonomics. With the monitor correctly positions in the operator field of view the operator will maintain the correct posture.


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