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Emergency vehicles

An effective response to emergencies requires optimum visibility, which is why our advanced vision systems are suitable for emergency response vehicles such as aerial appliances, ladder trucks, forest fire engines, crash tenders, ambulances and motor cycle response vehicles. Our vision system supports the driver or operator in fast decision making. With built in Quality which comes as standard, excellent performance and longevity is assured.


Major incidents can attract the attention of the press and the public, increasing the need for a focus on safety. Speed is of the essence and on arrival the driver of the emergency vehicle needs to manoeuvre the vehicle into the correct position as quickly as possible. Our vision system provides a good view of bystanders and emergency response personnel around the vehicle.
In ever emergency time is of the essence. Our vision system provides optimum vision under all circumstances and environments enabling emergency response personnel to work more efficiently and more effectively allowing them to take control of the situation quickly and effectively.
Risk management
Responding to emergencies can involve response personnel in taking risks. Our vision system can help to minimise these risks by providing a better view of the incident and surrounding area thus improved visibility increases certainty and reduces risks.
Potentially the driver or operator has to turn his or her head, neck and back repeatedly to get a good view of the situation. The monitor with the combination of the zoom options on the camera can enable the driver or operator to maintain a correct posture.


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