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RCI Pro HS (PME500)

- rated capacity indicator with height/slew limiter

- controlling load & full 3D machine envelope

Maximise asset performance and regulatory compliance in lifting and carrying operations with James Fisher Prolec’s RCI Pro controlling load & 3D machine envelope



  • Load control
  • Height
  • Envelope monitoring
  • Slew
  • Stability

Suitable for

  • Excavator (multiple articulations)
  • Mobile Carnes (EN13000:2010)
  • Truck mounted cranes
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Special purpose machines


PME500 combines all functions of the Prolec control and safety range into one unit. Combining real time load and position the system will maintain a safe load and stay within a defined envelope in both the horizontal and vertical plane. The carried load is displayed graphically to the operator and warnings are given on approach to the maximum Safe Working Load (SWL). A graphical interface also shows the limits for slew and height and these can be set according to the operational or environmental requirements of the equipment. This system fully complies with EN and UK LOLER requirements for safe load indicators and is type approved for operation in all EU countries. The system is set up for hydraulic control on all motions and, when combined with hydraulic motion cut valves, will limit travel in any plane to the defined envelopes. The operator will benefit from Prolec’s easy to use ‘Man Machine Interface’ MMI integrated within the foundation of PME.

RCI Pro HS (PME500) brochure


RCI Pro HS (PME500) user manual

RCI HS (PME500) user manual - controlling load & full 3D machine envelope
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