Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec
Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec

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Off Highway Plant Solutions

Excavator safety and productivity solutions

James Fisher Prolec - the leading manufacturer of excavator safety and productivity solutions since 1989

Heightwatch 6

- height monitor/limiter

Prolec Machine Engine 'PME'

- why PME?

HT Pro (PME100)

- height monitor/limiter

RCI Pro (PME200)

- rated capacity indicator

S Pro (PME300)

- slew limiter

- enhanced slew limiter

HS Pro (PME400)

- height/slew limiter

- controlling full 3D machine envelope 

RCI HS Pro (PME500)

- rated capacity indicator with height/slew limiter

- controlling load & full 3D machine envelope

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