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Vertical pile driving & drilling

The PM1 System has been developed as a simple and cost effective solution to monitor the verticality of a single member.


The LEDs indicate the verticality detected by the solid state sensor which is installed on the vertical member.
The actual angle measured by the sensor is displayed via the 7 segment display. When the sensor detects zero degrees and the set function is not in use then the centre LED (or Target LED) is illuminated.


Zoom function

The LED cross has three selectable increments of one degree, five degrees and ten degrees. These increments are selected using the Zoom button, an LED indicator refers to which is selected.

System components

The Piling monitor PM1 consists of the following components:

  • Solid state CAN AS7 Dual Axis Sensor mounted on the vertical member
  • Display/Computer giving visual indication in the form of a cross hair
  • Sensor cable
  • Power cable
  • CAN Terminator
  • Sensor mounting shoe


Pile monitor brochure


PM1 Installation & user manual

PM1 Installation & user manual
PM1 Installation and Operator Manual 560[...]
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