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Digmaster Pro

- 2D/3D Excavator machine guidance

James Fisher Prolec Excavator Guidance solutions.  Leading manufacture of excavator safety and productivity solutions since 1989

Class leading Digmaster Pro 2/3D guidance




Suitable for


  • Backhoe Dredgers
  • Cable Cranes
  • Excavators
  • Specialist Machinery

Digmaster Pro benefits

  • Superior display for ease of use and personalisation
  • Icon driven menu allows use in any language and without extensive training
  • Industrial benchmark for speed of operation and response
  • Productivity gains in double digits through efficiency and removal of waste
  • Consistency of operation regardless of skill level

Basic functionality

Digmaster Pro is a superior concept in machine control for excavators that allows operators to work in 3D when required and move to 2D for less demanding applications.  In 2D mode the system works to a known reference, while in 3D mode, the system allows a surveyed design known as a Digital Terrain Map (DTM) to be uploaded into the cab.  Using Digmaster Pro in 3D mode, grade control to accuracies of 2cm can be achieved anywhere within the digital terrain map.  The system allows skilled operators to be more efficient and less skilled operators to achieve productivity going beyond their expectations.

Standard features 

  • Switch between 2D and 3D as needed (GNSS system required)
  • Icon driven menu with customisable favourites
  • Familiar Windows™ operating system
  • Pan/zoom and rotate feature for improved visibility of work area
  • Fully removable touch screen computer can be transported between multiple excavators
  • Display monitors bucket position precisely in real time
  • Progress maps in multiple colours allows easy review of work progress
  • On target indicators through graphics and colour coding
  • Multiple tool point positions for precision grading
  • Unlimited bucket and special tool designs available (see Prolec for complex tools)
  • Configurable auto zoom and “rainbow” bucket features
  • Configurable deadband and cross hairs displayed when digging
  • Configurable data shown on display – distance to target, depth etc.
  • Configurable views allowing multiple views of one job
  • Configurable slew monitor status indicator
  • Configurable avoidance zones, chain age lines and POI (can be exported from works also)
  • Pro Job software allowing import and export of multiple file formats
  • Simple GNSS monitor displays status of the positioning signal
  • Context specific help

Head line benefits

  • Increase productivity by 30-50%
  • Reduce staking by up to 90%
  • Complete jobs faster and improve accuracy
  • Reduces staff around the machine
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces material overage & transportation costs
  • Minimise environmental foot print
  • Ensures consistency of operations regardless of operator skill level

Projob - desktop editing suite

Digmaster Pro brochure


Digmaster Pro user manual

Digmaster Pro user manual
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