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2D Pro (PME2D)

- 2D Excavator machine guidance

James Fisher Prolec Excavator Guidance solutions.  Leading manufacture of excavator safety and productivity solutions since 1989

2D Pro guidance 'app' is HERE!!!

2D Pro - Integrating guidance with safety & control

2D Pro benefits

  • One system/many jobs
  • Works with existing PME safety systems
  • Virtually no extra hardware required
  • Maintains pre-set safety limits even when digging
  • Productivity gains by removing re-work and reducing checking
  • Material savings and lower fuel use

Basic functionality

PME2D offers an integrated user experience combining exiting PME hardware with the productivity benefits of machine guidance.  Any existing PME product can include PME2D via a simple upgrade or you can install PME2D as a standalone system.  All PME systems are cross-compatible.  Upgrading is as simple as adding another ‘app’ on your phone.  When combined with PME safety solutions PME2D maintains all pre-set limits, height & slew limits for example allowing you to operate productively and safely in any mode.  The operator will benefit from Prolec’s renowned easy to use ‘Man Machine Interface’ MMI.  Our PME2D guidance offers productivity gains without the complexity and expense of GPS.  Accurate grades and complex profiles can be achieved easily and without the need for a grade checker and additional staff, this reducing machine idle time, increasing safety and productivity.


Guidance benefits

  • Increased productivity by up to 50%
  • Complete jobs accurately and on time
  • Operators can work with minimal supervision
  • Ensures consistency of operations regardless of operator skill levels
  • Reduces staffing around the machine
  • Reduces fuel consumption   
  • Reduces material over/under dig and transportation costs
  • Increased safety and productivity


2D Pro (PME2D) brochure


2D Pro (PME2D) user manual

2D Pro (PME2D) user manual
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