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Staff tracker helps you with the management of your mobile employees by organising their tasks and facilitating their performance reviews while giving employers the ability to process the data collected for payroll and accounting purposes.
Main features The staff tracker offers access control so that only authorized personnel may enter certain rooms and use designated machinery. It also keeps time for mobile workers, providing individualised evaluations per vehicle, per application, or per route driven. The collected data can be exported in XLS or CSV formats, which can then be used with the company's data processing software (e.g. for payroll, cost centre allocation, and client billing).

Fuel tracker is a plugin designed to help you cut fuel costs by efficiently preventing fuel theft and monitoring the fuel consumption of your entire fleet.
Main features This plugin is able to collect all information related to your fuel tank. It records the fuel tank fill level for every fill-up so that you can match the recorded amount with the receipts. It also calculates the fuel tank level and matching distance, allowing the dispatcher to easily determine when and where the vehicle should be refilled with the best possible fuel price. Furthermore, it sends automatic text message (SMS) or e-mail alerts whenever an unusual amount of fuel is being consumed – even when the ignition is turned off – making it possible for you to prevent fuel theft.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) It allows you to remotely monitor your fleet’s tyre pressure and tyre temperature in real time. Proper maintenance of these Off The Road (OTR) tyres can help avoid accelerated wear, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce tyre failures.

Main Features This plugin displays tyre pressure and tyre temperature data collected from the monitored vehicles. Thresholds can be set to alert drivers and management when the pressure or temperature goes above or below the optimum levels. By receiving these alerts remotely and in real time, users are able to react immediately, resulting in extended tyre life, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced productivity. It also helps reduce vehicle downtime and vehicle maintenance costs.

TMS Basic

  • Anytime access to the web portal inViu web
  • Temperature and pressure data from every OTR tyre per vehicle
  • Geofence alerting
  • Reporting feature for the entire fleet's OTR tyres
  • Location information on all vehicles

TMS pro

  • Anytime access to the web portal inViu pro
  • Temperature and pressure data from every OTR tyre per vehicle
  • Geofence alerting
  • Reporting feature for the entire fleet's OTR tyres
  • Location information on all vehicles
  • Driving behaviour information
  • Advanced reporting and analysis

CAN 66 is a plugin that allows you to read and analyse CAN bus information from your tracked vehicles. It will help you monitor the condition of your vehicles, cut costs, and streamline daily operations.
Main features Gain access to the fleet’s entire CAN bus data with this plugin, including fuel levels, speeds, and engine conditions. Monitor and analyse this information for better maintenance and performance of your vehicles. It even collects driver behaviour data, allowing you to create customised driver training which can help reduce fuel consumption and lower your vehicles accident rate. Knowing how much fuel is in every vehicle at all times lets the dispatcher select the vehicles tactfully for certain jobs and make adjustments accordingly.

Limit checker is a plugin designed to help you set threshold values and customised alerts for an optimised vehicle and equipment maintenance program.
Main features This flexible tool allows you to set your own threshold values, making it possible for the monitoring of vehicle mileage, operating hours, recurring events, and one-time events, alerting you when the set limit has been reached. There are three levels of alerts, ensuring that the appropriate person is notified for the timely maintenance of the tracked vehicles.

Messenger is a low-cost messaging system designed to help clarify internal communication and increase productivity between your dispatchers and drivers.
Main features This messenger plugin manages the written communication between dispatchers and drivers. Clear, written messages using cellular data instead of text messages (SMS) will ensure that the drivers receive their driving orders and routes safely and inexpensively. Since all records are stored in inViu, confirmations of driving orders are easily viewed, eliminating miscommunication errors and increasing productivity.

Temperature checker monitor the temperature in various atmosphere-controlled vehicles and containers with the temp-checker and receive alerts whenever the temperature surpasses the defined threshold levels.
Main features This plugin allows the constant measuring and recording of the monitored temperatures, ensuring that desired temperatures are met. It can send alerts via e-mail or text message (SMS) when temperatures exceed threshold values (e.g. motor oil or refrigeration vehicles) or when temperatures fall below threshold values (e.g. plumbing or water main). Up to 16 temperature sensors can be connected to a compatible device with each sensor transmitting individual data.

Tour checker is the plugin that allows you to track and identify delays in your fleet's driving routes, helping you to successfully complete the job and react quickly to avoid additional costs.
Main features Use tour checker to create the most efficient routes for driving jobs to save fuel and increase productivity. This plugin allows you to set up tour frequencies for recurrent destinations and stops on the road. With customised geofence capabilities, it can also notify you whenever there is a deviation from the plan, giving you time to react accordingly.

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