Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec
Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec

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Track and monitor all of your trackables in real time with one online portal


Multi functional and user friendly software

inViu is a highly secure web-based application that processes your telematics data with pinpoint accuracy.

We are able offer a modular system so you only pay for what you need.

Current GPS position and a quick overview of your trackables?
inViu web is a fast and easy-to-use web portal.

The innovative web portal with a bold yet functional design, has a simple and intuitive user interface that works in conjunction with all of our telematic devices as well as inViu routes.

inViu web offers the basic functions of GPS management, which consist of setting up geofences and alerts as well as organising trackables. All of your relevant trackable data is available through one easy interface, including the current position which is displayed on the online map with a custom pushpin, and the last 100 position status reports.

inViu pro is a robust version of inViu web, with additional features available through the various plugins. Aside from the basic features of location, routes, and geofence monitoring, inViu pro's plugins offer employee, fuel, threshold, CAN bus data, and tour management with these plugins: staff-tracker, fuel-tracker, tire-monitor-system, can-66, limit-checker, messenger, temp-checker, and tour-checker.


Combine inViu pro, our telematics devices, and the Android app, inViu routes, for a complete and unrivalled solution.

With mobile apps know the location of your mobile employees, view and analyse this data, and access more information in inViu web or inViu pro?
inViu routes is the perfect GPS app for your smartphone.
A system trusted by thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe, inViu has what it takes to help you and your business save time and money.

With the ability to synchronise with inViu web, inViu routes is more than just your average GPS app. Not only will it let you see your current GPS position on a map, but it will also allow your smartphone to send your GPS position to the inViu servers where the data can be viewed and analysed like a telematics locating device.

Know where your trackables are with a simple glance, on the go or at the office. Take advantage of all inViu features by using inViu routes in conjunction with inViu web or inViu pro.

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