Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec
Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec

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Dorchester, Dorset

t. +44 (0)1305 230318

m. +44 (0)7899 848569

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inViu web

Simple and intuitive web portal

All your assets and their data in one easy to use web interface with our basic management software.

inViu web features
inViu web is a fast and easy to use web portal.
Immediately access the locations of trackables on the optimised map.

Monitor more than one trackable simultaneously with multiple maps by customising the layout of your screen.

Simply set up geofences with the mouse wherever you like - at a specific site or just around its premises.


Locate assests in real time

Find the exact locations of your trackables at any time and see them immediately on the integrated map in inViu web. The trackable data displayed includes speed, direction, current time stamp, GPS coordinates and the current battery life status (if applicable). The last hundred position status reports are displayed on the map as a route. The map will intuitively move along with the trackable as it tracks its movements on the map. In addition, you can share the position of a trackable on Twitter or in an e-mail.

Create geofences

A geofence is a virtual fence around a particular geographical area. It offers you security in case of theft and a way to manage the daily movements of your vehicles, construction equipment, or employees. Receive e-mail status updates when a trackable enters or leaves a geofence. With the ability to react quickly, be informed immediately whenever an unscheduled event occurs and increase the chances of recovering stolen trackables. You can make a geofence around the company premises, delivery destinations, along a street, or country border. The size and shape of a geofence is limited only by your imagination.


Complete customisation

Create multiple workspaces, rename it, and select a screen layout with different windows we call "portlets". You can always change the content of the portlets. Choose between: map, list of trackables or a list of geofences. Choose different colours and icons to easily identify and differentiate your trackables on the map. Simply create sub-accounts to allow more people to access the same data. These sub-accounts can be created for read-only purposes.

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