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inViu routes

Track and monitor on the go

No matter where you are our mobile applications help you stay connected to your business.


Know the location of your mobile employees, view and analyse this data, and access more information in inViu web or inViu pro?
inViu routes is the perfect GPS app for your smartphone.
A system trusted by thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe, inViu has what it takes to help you and your business save time and money.

With the ability to synchronise with inViu web, inViu routes is more than just your average GPS app. Not only will it let you see your current GPS position on a map, but it will also allow your smartphone to send your GPS position to the inViu servers where the data can be viewed and analysed like a telematics locating device.

Know where your trackables are with a simple glance, on the go or at the office. Take advantage of all inViu features by using inViu routes in conjunction with inViu web or inViu pro.


inViu routes uses your GPS positions to display a virtual rendering of your travels in real time by displaying them on a map. The collected GPS position data can automatically be sent to the inViu servers immediately or when connect to Wi-Fi.

Register for an inViu web account and you can assign up to four Android phones to your inViu account free of charge. See their locations and track their movements online in the inViu web portal. If you do not yet have an inViu web account, it can be setup within inViu routes.


Main Features

Routes with inViu web


  • Shows the location and time of the last position status report
  • Displays the current position on the mobile map
  • Follow-me for trackables: if the trackables move, the app will zoom and pan accordingly
  • Route to trackable from current position with continuous recalculation
  • Display the travelled routes of friends/vehicles
  • Plan route to trackable from own position
  • Update intervals are adjustable
  • Details from the professional portal inViu pro and / or inViu web available



  • Creating of location based reminders
  • Receiving a notification when you enter or leave a geofence
  • Receiving a notification when someone else enters or leaves a geofence
  • Notifications as note with text or voice


inViu routes screenshot


  • Automatically record your movements when you turn on your phone or when you start the app
  • Manually record your movements with the start/stop icon
  • Allows you to stop route recording at any time
  • Manage your travel data by naming your routes and adding additional route information
  • Search routes by name or date
  • View your travel speed and distance travelled
  • Access travel speed and altitude profile with zoom function
  • Send travel details as a GPX or KML file
  • Adjust the colour-coded display for travel route speeds
  • Record locations depending on the time, travel speed, and direction
  • Display ignition on/off depending on time and travel speed
  • Possible to reset the odometer


Address search

  • Display searched address on map


Planned route

  • Start and finish selectable on map
  • Creating multiple intermediate destination
  • Individually adjustable update interval
  • Detail screen showing route length and calculating estimated arrival time
  • Detail screen displayed as a widget 4x1

Photos and Points of Interest (POIs)

  • Able to take and rename photos directly in the app with inViu routes
  • Create, name, and search POIs
  • Assign photos and POIs to your travelled routes
  • View all trackables, routes, photos, and POIs together on the same map
  • Displays the addresses on routes, photos, and POIs
  • Map features and info for POIs, and photos
  • Share photos and positions

General information

  • Offline mode: no inViu routes data leaves the phone
  • Capable of sending and uploading data only when there is a Wi-Fi connection
  • Uses OpenStreetMap©, an open-source map
  • Available languages: English, German, French, and Spanish
  • GPS power saving mode: GPS switched off when there is no reception
  • Choose between metric or imperial measuring systems
  • Help function available
  • Password-protected settings
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