Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec
Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec

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inViu pro

Advanced telematics portal

It's modular system with individual consulting creates tailored solutions for any type of business.

inViu pro features
Use inViu with our GPS devices and the right accessories and mobile applications for the best solution to your specific needs.

Choose suitable features to significantly enhance your business and customer relationships and completely customise your solution with our plugins. With inViu you save both time and money.


Locate assets in real time

Find the exact positions of your assets at any time and see them immediately on the integrated map in inViu. inViu uses OpenStreetMap, a powerful online open-source map.

Monitor and report

inViu offers accurate and flexible monitoring options for all of your assets. The online map gives you a total overview of all of your trackables and details of each asset. It automatically transforms logged digital and analogue data into meaningful reports and exports them into XLS and CSV files for further analysis.


Reliable information

Avoid unnecessary costs, respond quickly to unexpected situations, and experience peace of mind with inViu as it gives you reliable overviews of your business while immediately informing you whenever there is a deviation from the plan.


Fleet management

Easily manage your truck and trailer fleets with inViu. The online map gives an overview of all vehicles while detailed information on each trackable is available with just one click. Improve your daily operations drastically with CAN-bus data analysis, constant temperature control, efficient tour planning, and clear communication with the drivers.


Construction management

Schedule and dispatch your construction equipment and locating devices for each jobsite and check the status of the deployment. Several different reports are available, including the hours of operation of equipment as well as its auxiliary drives.


Employee management

Improve the management of your team by staying connected with them during their shifts, no matter where they are located. Easily review your employees' working hours, break times, driver behaviour, and performance. Real time team coordination and communication solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing hardware make inViu a quintessential member of your company.


Proof documentation

Our automated reporting system gives you access to official records and documents for asset location, hours of operation, and task completion. The electronic audit trail logbook can save you from excess expense.


Create geofences

Geofence is a virtual fence around a particular geographical area. Protect your assets against possible theft by receiving e-mail status updates when a trackable enters or leaves a geofence. All position status updates made within a particular geofence can be summarized with a report, making it easy to determine exactly who was present and for how long they were at the particular location. This data can be effectively assigned to different cost centres as the information can be location, employee, or equipment specific.


Complete customisation

Program your inViu to include plugins that are useful to your business and receive instant alerts via e-mail or text message (SMS) when the unexpected happens. Customise your display of maps and reports with different colours and screen layout options.


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