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Sphere 24 Ltd - providing

Off Highway Plant Solutions

Asset Management

Superior tracking and monitoring solutions

Intergrating telematics into your business can save you time and money

Improve productivity and increase your competitive edge!


Multi-functional and user-friendly software, inViu is a highly secure web-based application that processes your telematics data with pinpoint accuracy.


High Quality hardware, robust and suitable for the  rugged Off Highway Plant environment.

Our Asset Management tools are used in numerous industries

  • Logistics Planning
  • Dispatching
  • Anti ifuel theft
  • Construction equipment management
  • Maintenance program
  • Container management
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Guard tour management
  • Security and theft protection
  • Timber theft
  • GPS tracking app
  • Everyday security solutions
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • CAN bus fuel management


  • site management and real time tracking
  • driver ID
  • real time location reports
  • reduced fuel expenditure
  • reduced wages bill through reduced overtime
  • increase productivity
  • improved customer services
  • location of mobile employees
  • simplicity, view all your trackables via one web portal
  • plant security, protect and secure, ovoid unauthorised use
  • immediate online access with no downtime nor any software to install
  • data quickly with wireless networks
  • data via any web browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • enhanced flexibility with easy integration into third-party applications

Standard Features

  • GPS - precise information about the current location of your trackable
  • GPRS - fully supported, cost-effective dedicated line to the internet
  • Data, firmware, and configuration parameters can be individually modified by the user for each device, either through the built-in serial interface and a configuration utility or via the internet (wireless network)

The following applications are designed to complement the hardware perfectly

  •  inViu pro

internet telematics portal for professionals with comprehensive trackable data reporting capabilities: location, route, monitoring and alarming of fuel theft / consumption and thresholds, CAN data analysis, and reports with all black boxes, trackers, and GPS enabled smartphones together

  • inViu web

GPS location cost-effective entry level solution: real time display of positions on an OpenStreetMap© geofence monitoring and alerting, etc.

  • inViu touch

software suite for smartphones: current location of the
mobile phone, map showing the position of trackables directly on the phone, route planning, reading and transmission of NFC tag data, etc.

  • DGPS-enabler

the server component for all users who are dependant on an increased accuracy of GPS coordinates

  • M2M-commserver

an internet-based gateway for all communication tasks between tracking devices and any back-end application

Available solutions

  • Simple vehicle & equipment tracking and monitoring
  • Complete vehicle & equipment tracking and reporting of log book, driving behaviour, and operating hours
  • Simple, durable, battery-powered trackable monitoring
  • Complete, durable, and battery-powered trackable monitoring with reports on historical data and operating hours
  • Simple yet extremely durable, battery-powered trackable monitoring
  • Complete, extremely durable, battery-powered trackable monitoring with reports on historical data and operating hours
  • Simple trackable (people, animals, objects, etc.) tracking and monitoring
  • Complete trackable (people, animals, objects, etc.) tracking and monitoring with reports on historical data and operating hours
  • Fuel consumption and tank fill level monitoring
  • Employee and driver identification
  • Temperature monitoring and analysis
  • Messaging and navigation service
  • CAN bus data analysis for fuel consumption monitoring
  • Monitoring threshold values with alert function
  • Tracking and identification of delays
  • Monitoring and display of collected routes / positions
  • Monitoring of mobile employees / indoor tracking without GPS
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