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Authorised Sales, Service & Support agents for James Fisher Prolec

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Sphere 24 Ltd - providing

Off Highway Plant Solutions

Off Highway Plant Solutions incorporating Dorset Quads

All Terrain Vehicles

Did you know?

You can ride an ATV more commonly known as a Quad Bike, on the road with a full car licence?


Off Highway plant Solutions are able to offer a complete range of road legal machines which are fully homologated and designed to be used as PLG on the road.

This makes the use of ATV’s ever more accessible for both business and pleasure.


Quad with GPS producing DTM


On the job site

Quad Bikes are being utilised more and more on large job sites for Digital Terrain Mapping (DTM), don’t walk your site, equip an ATV with your GPS antenna set it to log and traverse your site and achieve a DTM in a fraction of the time. Providing an ATV as a means of transport on site means greater productivity and increased supervision.

Snow clearance
A range of snow clearance products for use on the TGB Blade series ATV's is available.
The TGB Blade series are a cost effective solution for snow clearance and gritting.

Many councils and local authorities are choosing TGB Quad Bikes as their winter snow clearing vehicles, ideal for smaller pedestrian areas such pathways, parks and car parks.

Agriculture | Equestrian | Gamekeeping | Forestry | Municipal | Winter Maintenance

All seasons

Make full use of your ATV all year round and combine it with an attachment from our range of implements for all seasons.

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